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Alexandra is a technician who believes that a solid vocal technique is composed of: breath support, resonance, proper registration, stamina, clear diction and the ability to create a consistent, homogenous sound across vocal range. 

She has used her training as a classical singer to create a proprietary method for singers of contemporary music, which has taken her young students to national and international voice competitions, network television, film, professional theatre, and studies abroad.  Some of her singers can be heard on Instagram @alexandra_mena_voice_studio.

Alexandra is also passionate about training young singers for a career in the arts by instilling early on the principles of: hard work, preparation, methodical practice, ownership, resilience, and determination.  

Alexandra holds a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal performance from San José State University, as well as a Master of Music degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music,  also in vocal performance.  For more on her work as a performer, please visit her at


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"A healthy belt is NOT a yell.   Belt, don't yelt!"

Alexandra Mena

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Alexandra Mena

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